[Tutorial] How to connect to #Reason Chat with an IRC Client

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This is tutorial is for those of you who want to connect to the Reason chat channel, but prefer to use a stand-alone IRC client.
The #Reason chat is based on IRC and the channel is hosted by rc6.org.

The channel name is: #Reason
Network: irc.rc6.org

This tutorial will show you how to set up a program called HexChat.
There are ofcourse many different clients. Like the familiar mIRC or the firefox plugin Chatzilla. Hexchat however is a clean, free client that is available for both Windows and OSX.

Setting up Hexchat

First download HexChat here and install it.

On first opening the client you will be greated with a screen like this.
Network List.PNG
First choose your Nick Name. Set a Second and third choice just in case it is taken and finally add a User name.
If you so want you can register your nickname with the server. I'll explain how that works at the bottom of this post.

Now click Add to add the network.
Add Network.png
Give it a proper name like rc6.org for example. Don't forget to press Enter to save the name. Then click the Edit... button. A new screen wil open.
Add Server.png
Click the name "newserver/6667" or click edit and type in "irc.rc6.org".
Add Server 2.png
Press Enter to confirm then click the "Autojoin channels" tab below. Click Add and add #Reason as a channel. Press enter to acknowledge inputting the channel. I prefer to enable automatically connecting to this network, so i tick that box. When all is as below press close to close the screen.
Add Server 3.png
You can now click Connect and you will be automatically joined into the #Reason Channel.
Happy Chatting !

Advanced subject: Registering your Nickname

If you want to register your nickname so it can only be used by you, you can send a message to nickserv to register your name.
First be sure that you currently have your nickname set to the one that you want to register. Make sure this is also properly set in the Network List.
Then send a message to NickServ in the following format:


Then open the network list under the HexChat menu item, Edit the network, set "Login Method" to "Nickserv (/MSG NickServ + Password)" and fill in YOURPASSWORD below that.

This will make sure that every time you log on your nickname is yours.

If someone has used your nickname and you want to reclaim it as you log back in type:
/nickserv recover username password

For more info:
/nickserv help
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Post 08 Jul 2015

Thanks a lot eauhm!

Very nice tutorial.
Kenni Andruszkow

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Thanks! Nice one indeed!
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For those having Firefox, there's no need to install a dedicated program for IRC.
There's a plugin named ChatZilla, which provides most of the features those programs have.

You can download it here: ChatZilla :: Add-ons for Firefox

After installing, run it and type this on the message line:

Code: Select all

/server irc.rc6.org
/join #Reason
It should connect to the #Reason channel.

You can click the button to the left of the message line and change the nickname.

To connect automatically when you start ChatZilla, right-click on the #Reason tab and select 'Open This Channel at Startup'.
Or just locate the url on the top of the window (URL irc://rc6/Reason) and drag it to Firefox bookmarks, you can run it from there later.

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