Vocals in a mix: helpful hints

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Post 13 Apr 2015

I'm struggling with a track right now.  My vocal mix works great for the first 70% of the track, but I just can't seem to get it to work in the last 30%.  I read this today and plan to try some of these techniques out, though I fear I'm already doing most of them:

http://www.musictech.net/2015/03/twenty ... tion-tips/

Check them out!
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Post 13 Apr 2015

Post your track - if you've tried riding the level up then you my need to ride the level of some of the backing tracks *down while the vocal is going.  Also, be aggressive with any parts that are in the same frequency spectrum as the vocal - either pull back, mute or transpose those parts, or find where the vocal sties and notch that out of the offending parts.  That usually does it for me.
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How do you process your vocals? Do you double, triple, use delays? I triple my vocals and while i keep one in the center i pan the other two and it helps to come through.
Check phase issues.
And the compressor gain reduction, it's working fine? If the control volume is before the mclass compressor when you turn up it will squash the sound. It's better do volume automations after.
It's because of the song's dynamic, quiet x loud part?
In the last Dave Pensado's episode he talks about a half a hour about how he processes the vocals:

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Thanks for posting this, Higor! Took me a while to get through... (fell asleep the first time around...)
But it's very interesting... Must have been quite late in the day! ;)


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