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Ive been on board since v6, now ug to 8.2 and its much more user friendly with drop and drag and the inbuilt browser. But you guys know all that.
I hope this forum prospers cos I've lost faith in PH since they dumped the PUF

Does anybody have any experience using the commercial series ... 300-0.html

I know this crowd from when I was learning Adobe Photoshop, didnt in fact use them but found a much better series run by Deke 6dvds over 300 hrs. Worth every penny

It was the only way I made progress (following through his lessons and worked examples)

I would very much like to find a Deke equivalent for Reasons

I have tried hard with the available Video tuts on line but the all fail in various ways (same applies to PS btw)

a) Composed by well meaning amateurs who dont understand the needs of newbies or how to be an instructor - talk too much, point and click too quickly, don't provide worked examples for you to load and follow, all too glib and too much tree topping.
b) The worst kind - vanity grandstanding - look how clever I am, listen to my trax (but I wont say how I did it)  waste of space for a learner
c) poor quality rambling presentation

One of the problems  with Reasons is that it is all to easy to add supplementary buttons, sliders, bells and whistles that are mostly redundant (but don't they look flashy and cost almost nothing but a bit extra code).  I would guess  that over half of this confusing crap would disappear if the rack item was made in hardware (physical knobs, buttons and sliders cost real money).

So I want a proper tutorial with worked examples that takes you right through from basics

Any suggestions

OBTW I should mention that I was recommended here by ... mmary.html

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What kind of music do you make?  And what are your musical aims over the coming year or two?  Reason has such vast capabilities, it's probably wise to focus on features that serve your musical adventure.  Different tutorials have different genres in mind.  Here's the commercial video set recommended by Props, but I have only watched a few bits.  They're $20 each ($800) or $200 for all for a year.  They don't have the Seinfeld/Kramer standup commentary like Ed but seem more organized for sure.

The Lynda videos seem pretty good (Piper, Childs, etc), very coherent, and I've learned a few things from the free demos.  $240 seems a fair price if videos are your method of choice.

I have received boatloads of great information from this forum (the knowledgable 250 members from the PUF are here).  The snarks who used to say RTFM to every question seem to have cleared out.  This is a great place to ask specific user questions.  It would be a good supplement to any commercial video set.

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Thanx for your observations.  I am a keyboard man essentially and looking towards orchestrations.  A long way from the EDM geeks.  I have never been a fan of drum machines and really hate the artificial dub step beat stuff.  Its just so plastic to me but thats my take and you are right, it does depend on which genre you want to follow

I looked more closely at the Lynda site and found its a bit of a con.  There's only one set (3.75hrs by Matt Piper )among the alleged 11 lessons on the Reason tab thats relevant, the rest are more bait and switch using other DAWs and expecting you to transport across platforms.

there are only 17 project patches compared to ca 45 x 3-5 minute lessons

So very thin a worked examples and they are rather coy about this important area

I would have to sign up for a months subscription @ £22

and they wont let you see a demo of one of their project patches.  So I'm rather suspicious of this crowd (as I was when doing my Photoshop baptism - Im glad I chose Deke)

I think I'll perservere and try to get the basic blocks together.  All these tutorials seem to rush through the initial set stage and go straight into hideously complex patches

I want to be able to see things as building blocks logically patched together to do simple instrument tasks.  I used to have an analog computer. Amazing what you could do with it ... r-1964.htm
I do hate this airhead suck-it-and-see approach.  There is so much rubbish talked about signal processing and filtering. All buzz words and hype

Maybe if I can get a useful basic patch together I could send it to you to try out from my approach

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