Quick tutorial: How to... create a unique reverb FX with Rob Papen's Synths

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Post 19 Jan 2015

While checking the new 22Quad community refill, I stumbled upon one of my own patches (SFX - Particles.JoshuaPhilgarlic.repatch) and found an amazing technique to create a reverb FX... without using any reverb indeed (that would be too easy :D )! I totally forgot about this, but I think it's worth sharing :) .

Instead of using the built-in reverb I used the ensemble FX instead. This one is available in both Quad and Predator, and since they seem to share the same algorithm and provide audio inputs it works for both.

So, here we go... Create a Quad or Predator and hook it up the way you like to use your new reverb (usually as a send FX?). Select an Init Patch if not done automatically. Select the Ensemble FX (in Quad it's only available in the first FX slot). Don't forget to switch FX input ON in Predator (it's on the back panel and off by default) or turn the Mix parameter up in Quad (it's all closed by default, damned!).

Next create any instrument you like to reverberate. Subtractor might be a good choice for testing. Activate the FX send in the SLL mixer and play some notes... you'll hear nothing special, maybe a little detuned. Now rise the Feed knob of the ensemle to maximum. Wow, that's nicely billowing, but it has nothing to do with reverb! That's because the ensemble is still modulated by an LFO, so get rid of it and set Width to 0%. Now, you get a pretty long reverb-like sound - too long for reasonable use, but no problem: just lower Feed a bit and Tadaaaaaa! Here's our reverb!

Now we can tweak the effect: use LP and HP to let it sound more natural or adjust it to your mix. Use Length and Ens to adjust the quality (more or less shatter) or Feed for reverb length.

Ok, this thing is still missing early reflections and predelay for a full featured reverb, but in some cases it might be an interesting alternative to high end FX like RV7000 or Tsar 8-) .

Hope you like it :) !
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Post 19 Jan 2015

Interesting! Thanks for sharing! :)


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Post 19 Jan 2015

make this short vids. when i try the quad , i hope that can be helpfull and give some idea to use the FX :)

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Thx Joshua & Frog :)

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