Automation Presets (Like FL Studio)

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Post 14 May 2024

I was watching a RealLPC tutorial (guitar VST) on YouTube and they were using FL Studio as the DAW. While they were drawing-in the pitch bend and mod wheel events, I saw the coolest thing: An apparent right-click on an edit point that opened up a drop-down menu of presets with names like "stairs, pulse, wave" and whatnot that were immediately inserted into the window. Further, with (maybe) and option or shift key, the intensity of the wave or stairs could easily be modified.

I was wondering if this has been discussed or suggested here or with Reason as a wish list item. I've been a Reason user since 2.5 and would consider myself to (somewhat) know my way around, but I'm almost half-holding my breath and hoping someone responds with, "Hey stupid, Reason does that, too!" and explains how to do such a cool thing!

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Post 14 May 2024

I think that feature is a subset of the so called "sequencer improvements" that are requested here on a regular basis.

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Post 15 May 2024

Agreed it would be nice.

The "automation toolbox" file is often shared as a workaround:

And stuff like Synchronous can sometimes work, if CV modulation is an option.

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Post 15 May 2024

Pro Tools did a similar thing many years ago, when drawing automation. If you selected a waveform, such as triangle, then selected a pan control, you could draw auto-pan into the timeline at the current grid setting. Dragging left to right added the waveform over that part of the timeline, dragging up/down set the depth (height) overall. Once drawn you can edit points like any automation. Such a quick way to draw repeating automation curves/shapes. :)
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