Reason Document - Song Position

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Post 20 Jun 2015

I'm down for that (time permitting).

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Post 14 Jan 2022

Hello from the future of 2022!
I was delighted that when I googled for "34953.3.1.127" that this conversation is what came up, for the only hit. Because I left Reason running overnight, and that's where the transport stopped in the morning.

Yes, Reason uses 15360 PPQ parts per quarter note. (You learn this developing rack extensions.)

(34953 * 4 + 3 + 1/16 + (127/240)/16) * 15360 = 2147559868

That's just a smidge past 2^31=0x7FFFFFFFF=2147483648. Why it should stop there instead of some other nearby 2^31 I dont know. I was running at an odd tempo (213.123bpm) but got same result.

Anyway. Yay google.

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Post 14 Jan 2022

distrakt wrote:
14 Jan 2022
Hello from the future of 2022!
Ha! This was a great thread. I miss Raveshaper's wild MIDI experiments.

If I had know what 2022 would be like, I would have valued each subtick along the way a bit more. :)

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