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Post 29 Oct 2020

Hello, I am a brand new Reason user, overwhelmed with the power of this tool, and trying to get my feet under me.

I want to set up a rack with multiple instruments, and control them with a single keyboard (Akai MPK 49). I want to play one instrument, then throw a switch and play another with the same keys. I'm sure this is easy... how do you do it?

So far I have discovered that adding a new instrument switches control, but I can not find any preference or menu that controls this. I suspect that I am thinking about it wrong.

Apologies if this has already been answered many times, and I hope this is the correct place to post this.

Thank you


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Post 30 Oct 2020

Just go into the sequencer view and select an instrument track to target it. You can move through the different instrument tracks by hitting the up or down button on your keyboard. Some MIDI controllers might have a switch track button, too.
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This may help.

You can use the free CV player tap in place of the midi CV converter however I highly recommend the Midi CV converter.

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If it is just playing you want and not recording, you can set up the advanced midi device to have an instrument on each midi channel. You can then select the midi channel on your keyboard to change instruments.

Unfortunately, you cant record midi that comes in through the advanced midi device into the sequencer (very annoying)

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If you want one instrument to be played by some of your keyboard and another to be played by the rest, for example if you want to have a few bass notes on your left hand while your right hand plays a lead, you can set this up in a combinator by editing the note range in the programmer window.
I'll go into detail if that's the sort of thing you want to do, but not right now, it's past my bedtime.
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