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Post 26 Feb 2024

I have been demoing the new P455 MDN Sidecar VST today and have been very very very impressed with the sound and functionality. The demo installs on up to 2 computers and lasts 15 days unhandicapped.


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Post 26 Feb 2024

I didn't tried any products from them yet and just checked the web site. Everything looks suspicious with too much marketing blurb with funny prices. Reminds me of an SSL channel strip for 1000 bucks, which only had standard algorithms used, but everyone could hear the magic for his 1000 bucks...

I would be careful with this company...

Maybe some others have tried and give some more insights...
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Post 27 Feb 2024

You got to be kidding Loque. Please try them and hear for your self. I would love to hear what you think.
I think this company makes one of the best quality plugs out there. I love UAD plugs and they take the first place and pulsar plugins are sitting between first and second place, between UAD and Kush Audio, which I also really like. I did my own scientific test's and found they hold so well in all sort of audio manipulation. What I like about them is that they sound so good when pushed hard. Same as with UAD plugs, UAD 1176 pushed hard sounds so much stable and denser then most other I've tried. I have a drum machine loop in reason with 6 1176 pushed very hard, just to see what will it do to audio and I'm so impressed how distortion builds up in a pleasing way. Same as with other mentioned companies here. P42 my favorite and also Lunar Lander. Didn't have a chance to try P455 yet. They are a bit pricey, but I did not regret buying.

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Post 27 Feb 2024

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Post 27 Feb 2024

Seems pretty limited, I don’t see a way to swap the order of EQ and Compression, for example. I already have excellent API EQ and 1176 compressors and plenty of amazing tape and saturation simulation. Plus I used the hardware versions for many years so I may be more biased to the original tools/approach since it’s what I “know”, and I already have different chains myself so wouldn’t want to be locked into any one chain like this.

I could see that this may appeal to someone with none of those tools currently in their tool box, possibly more so if you are a fan of the engineer’s “sound” this plugin models.
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