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Post 26 Aug 2023

Got an email from Arturia announcing "Acid V". Am a little surprised to not already find a thread about it here.

Anyways, I've seen people get really fussy about those 303 emulations, so figured I'd see what opinions there might be about this latest offering. ... v/overview

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Post 27 Aug 2023

It's supposed to sound pretty good but I really don't think the world needs yet another 303 emulation.

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Post 27 Aug 2023

I have heard good things about it but personally do not feel I need to spend anything more on 303 as I have phoscyon2 and Abl3.

Seems to be a very good vst though and if I ever update my v collection in the future I would expect this to be in the next version.

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Post 27 Aug 2023

I just uploaded a sound comparison between all the big 4 over here if you want to check it out:

Pro and cons IMO (that are not related to the sound of it)
- Has a dedicated sub oscilator
- Has extra modulations
- Polymeric feature on the sequencer (very much like Pigments)
There is no way to sequence and switch patterns like with the other emulations (I'm surprised no one mentioned that yet, and I really hope this will come as a feature update)

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Post 28 Aug 2023

I like the possibilities of polymeric accent and slide sequencing, but I already have phoscyon 2...

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Post 28 Aug 2023

I bought it. I like it. :lol:

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Post 28 Aug 2023

:thumbup: Love it... bought it...
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Post 29 Aug 2023

Same here - as 303's go this has some awesome juice to it. We love distortion and this has got an abundance. The presets are super cool too, gives a lot more mileage and inspires more ideas into using effects on what would really be a simple unit, has so much character even for an emulation. Oh and the serviceable parts at the top oh yes extra noodling :D

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Post 29 Aug 2023

DaveyG wrote:
27 Aug 2023
It's supposed to sound pretty good but I really don't think the world needs yet another 303 emulation.
People will buy it and you will be happy!! :mrgreen:
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Post 29 Aug 2023

I'm a huge 303 fan, so I checked it out, but ABL3 is still king 🤘

The RE especially, with its CV routing capability to and from other devices and within itself.

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Post 01 Sep 2023

I am a little exciting trying this out even though I have plenty of 303...haha.

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