WAVES slows down Opening of Reason 12 / Explanation / Solution

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Post 14 May 2023

Just an FYI as I had written to WAVES and spoke with HQ in Tel Aviv, they've done nothing about this since my discovery in Dec 2021.
I have a mapped drive N:\
This is an NAS drive which I power down when not backing up.
Only WAVES such as in Reason 11/12 or Studio ONE v6 drags the entire DAW to a crawl when the following is True:
a)NAS is powered OFF
b)drive letter is mapped in Windows Explorer 10/11 (and likely a MAC)
If the NAS is powered on, Reason/Studio One with WAVES VST loads without issue and/or if you have a composition that uses WAVES in any given track.
If the drive is OFF but still Mapped, then WAVES drags everything to a crawl.
This could happen to anyone that uses say a Laptop at a Gig and connects to a network server at their home or office but it's no longer accessible when in a remote location.
No other VST (that I'm aware) does this and it's likely a simple fix as their are built in COMMANDs in PowerShell /Command Line that could easily be run in a batch such as
net use s: \\tower\movies /user:WAVESStinks /persistent:No

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Post 15 May 2023

I've had a wider problem with mapping a NAS drive to a drive letter in Win 7 and Win 10. My NAS box spins down the disks and sleeps if unused for a while. It seems that something in Windows periodically takes a peek at all the mapped drives and when that happens to a snoozing NAS the whole windows machine would freeze for a couple of seconds whilst the disks in the NAS spin up to speed. In my case the solution was to delete the drive mappings and access the NAS with full network paths.

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Post 24 May 2023

Here's more proof visually. Recently my portal for administration over my network on viral activity shows WithSecure caught the Waves Server running a Powershell script. For evidence of my post above, here's a graphic report showing Start Point and End Point. Note how the Waves Server runs the NET command. This is confirmation where WAVES looks at all mapped Network Drives and persists whether the mapped drive is there or not causing the extreme slow down of any WAVES plugin when the network drive can't be found. if you're using WAVES VST as an example in your DAW, this drags the DAW down as well.
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