New Roland Cloud VSTs - performance issues

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Has anyone who owns the new version 2.0 Juno 106, Jupiter 4 or Jupiter 8 plugins for Roland had any performance issues at low latency in Reason for MacOS? They seem to suck compare to the previous versions and I'm wondering if they're miscoded compared to the Audio units (which seem fine in Logic) or just expected to run on machines with a ridiculous specs now. I'm struggling to avoid pops and clicks with even mono patches both on a 2018 I7 Intel MacBook Pro and a very high Spec Mac Studio M1 Ultra (native, not through Rosetta 2).

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It's not just you - multiple users have reported this to roland - feel free to log a ticket for it as others have. I'm on an m1 pro, running both reason and ableton native, and performance for the 2.0 versions is terrible in either.

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I have not noticed that yet but playing a sequenced pattern from any Roland Drum Device in Reason goes out of sync once the play loops back from the right indicator bar to the left indicator bar.. Obviously, I can use a number of Reason/RE midi players as alternatives but is anyone getting this problem too?

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I’ve tried the Juno 106 V2.0.0 as a VST on Studio One on an M1 Mac native and it runs fine. It’s just as good as the au version. However in the M1 native version of Reason the VST maxes out the CPU even before I play a note. Both have buffer sizes set to 128 ms.

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