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Post 05 Jan 2023


I´ve played now a lot with Nembrinis WahWah, its download size is 20-5 times bigger than other plugins but has only one function
It´s sound comes creamy with a lot of bright harmonics totaly natural, like a expensive real wah pedal, I´m totaly amazed, especially the responsiveness.

I´ve had the pleasure this weekend to play rhodes, wulitzer and synths with it for hours and forgot, that everything around me was digital. At the end I would say where all free wah stuff lacks total, also paid ones is still gritty digital, or the filter produces crazy harmonics at the ends of the pedal positions, Nembrini Wah iss a gem!
I don't want to badmouth others and their products, but this guy from Italy is a genius how developed stuff for UAD and brainworx....

Now I tested the other free Nembrini stuff, and i´m really amazed by their Ibanez TS 808 emulation, how open and musical the filter sounds, great thing.
Their Clon Minotaur (subtle hard) and Black Distortion (hard) are also must haves.

Amazing freebies for eguitar players, how want discover the different pedal effect sounds , what kind of sound they prefer!
Big big thanks to Igor Nembrini, your the best!

If it´s someone way to break boundaries with his creative power, at this point one person changed the hole plugin market with its modellings (my perception)

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