Korg microKorg and ELECTRIBE-R

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Post 23 Nov 2022

I was surprised to see this on the Korg website. Anyone given these a go.



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Post 23 Nov 2022

I'm on Collection 3 and the upgrade to 4 is $99. These all look fun!

I've always liked what Korg does. I was very happy when they created the Prophecy plugin and they have continued to update it. Other manufacturers are stuck on making and remaking plugins of their vintage analog stuff and Korg is giving us plugins of everything, including stuff still available as hardware today.

Meanwhile Roland can't make a plugin of the JP-8000/8080. They instead need to give people another Jupiter or Juno or whatever. I lose track of how many are in those lines, but it all feels the same to me...

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Post 23 Nov 2022

If I hadn't just bought the Arturia collection then I'd be looking hard at the collection.

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Post 23 Nov 2022

If you are into iPad then Gadget and the in-app purchases are all discounted, as are all the individual synths (which also unlock mini-versions of themselves for Gadget). If you only buy one, get the iMS-20:

Reason Studios, if you ever wanted a proper and profitable presence on iPad then take a good hard look at the Gadget business model. Reason's Instruments, effects and players would work brilliantly in a gadget-like framework. It would also have the advantage of attracting youngsters who have no interest in, or knowledge of, 19" racks and who probably don't have a PC or Mac. Them kidz am the future, innit.

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Post 24 Nov 2022

Be aware - it only has vst3.
I still want to get it, since my first synth was a microKorg :puf_smile:
and we will soon be getting vst3.. so maybe :puf_smile:

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