Avenger Update 1.8.5 available

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Post 19 Nov 2022

to update your Avenger please open the V-Manager and click on the "Download Installer" button. After the download is done please install the Avenger update.

1.8.5 changelog
- fixed arp note issues that were introduced with 1.8.4
- fixed modmatrix-shape could yield wrong values on 90° steps.
- fixed error in modenvelope where tempo scale would save and restore wrong scaling
- fixed M1 rounding error on chord note transpose
- fixed some os realted issued when read files
- fixed issue where ARP was still holding notes after a preset was loaded
- fixed issue for Grain-Env-Shape where the GUI did only access the parameter for OSC1
- fixed a very rare note hang in osc when midi-special mode root note.

1.8.4 changelog
- ARP: added "Ignore Global latch" option to achieve specific preset design.
- ARP: added "Ignore Endless Switch ARP limits" option to achieve specific preset design.
- added a random/alternating fine tune on OSC Sample stacker slots, so each slot can have its own random tuning
- osc-vibrato frequency is working with a "add" modulation mode
- fixed xp sorting bug
- fixed modulation bug, where chord-detection key zone did not change for an osc if the key zone was changed via the mod-matrix
- fixed an issue where multi-loop samples would not playback on first note when using them with an ARP
- fixed math->random on osc phase modulation which was not working as expected
- fixed issue with granular envelope when using ARP sync mode LATCH
- fixed issue with overlaping note playback during ARP Pattern change while in the middle of a pattern.
- fixed timing issues in multi-loop osx using the TIMEFREEZE algo
- fixed issue with loading LFO OSCx trigger setting from preset

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