delay function in Tranta 2

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Post 18 Sep 2022

Hi everyone ! i'm new on Tranta 2 and i'm not finding this :

when using the delay function i'm switching to (for exemple) 1/8 and 1/8D and the 1/8D in automaticly panning 100% right and left
i didn't press the ping pong fonction and i can't remove this panning. But the 1/8 is fine with no panning, but is not doing the same like 1/8D and i'd like to do a 1/8D without panning.
So yes i can duplicate the channel and copy the right to left ok.... but there is really no function to remove simply this auto panning ?
Thanks :) :) :)

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Post 18 Sep 2022

Is this an existing patch or one you built from scratch? If it's a pre-existing patch that you're editing you may check to see if there's some other thing creating the panning, like modulation perhaps.

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Post 18 Sep 2022

You mean Tantra 2 by DS Audio?


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