Soundpaint by 8DIo - Free Sample Player with some nice uniqueness

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Post 04 Sep 2022

I’ve searched this forum and can’t find anything on this but it’s been out a few months now and I finally got around to checking it out this week and I must admit, I’m quite impressed with what this offers.

Firstly, it’s free to get the VST engine with all the components such as racks, effects, ARP, Gate, mod matrix and even sample import.

For sample import, it works similarly to Kontact, where you can stretch over the key range or split across the keyboard. Programs (patches) can have 4 parts, each with their own nuances dialed in. I don’t think you can have different ARPS or Gates per the 4 parts of a patch (program) but it’s still early in development so that may come in the future.
It’s by 8DIo and they sell add-on module sound libraries which can range from $20 up.

It comes with a very nice free Piano which showcase a few of the features and you can also get another 2 free libraries. Free Angels and Free ASMR.

It’s just a very interesting result to hear what two parts in a program (patch) can sound like if you choose to morph. Take a program for instance where you have a sustained piano and a metallic sound. When Morph is selected, the sustain of the piano can adopt the metallic quality of the metallic second part in the program (patch).

There’s a ton of videos on the Soundpaint website that goes into detail of all these things and a few independent reviews on Youtube.

I think you can create and distribute your own libraries without paying any royalties for the privilege.

Check it out, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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Post 05 Sep 2022

Thanks for the heads up!

Feels like everybody has their own sampler now. Kontakt seems to still be king, but so many of the big library designers are moving towards making their own samplers/sample players. NI may at some point rely more heavily on the smaller designers and may need to rethink their Kontakt Player fees.

So there's Soundplant by 8DIO, EastWest's Opus, VSL's Synchron Player, Best Service's Engine, MNTRA's MNDALA 2, Spitfire's got their own plugin, etc.

Soundpaint looks interesting, but also seems to lack any custom GUI type stuff. Doesn't need to be anything fancy, but something to quickly associate instruments in a project would be good. VSL's Synchron Player for instance has a basic interface, but at least has different backdrops per instrument.

Anyways, looking forward to checking this out.

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Post 06 Sep 2022

Is really good... it has a feature where you can blend up to 4 sampled instruments, and the fx are really cool

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