Reason not sending/receiving MIDI CC in VST plugins

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Avith Ortega
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Post 04 Aug 2022

I have Omnisphere, and I have made patches in it when I used it in Cubase, those patches have many parameters maped to User CC which in my case is CC16, and I used to control it with the knobs of my MIDI Keyboard Controller.

Now I am trying to use Omnisphere inside Reason 12, and when I move the knob of my Keyboard Reason doesn't send the CC message. I tried to create a combinator but I don't see an option to map a combinator knob to MIDI CC, only host automation parameters.

I would try to use the "Remote" or Control mapping of reason, the problem is that there is no such thing as a MIDI CC 16 slider/knob inside Omnisphere to clik on, so what I have to do is to select every single parameter I had set in my Omnisphere patches every time I want to control them, but shouldn't be like this. I can even see in the Reason sequencer that in reason instruments when I move my Keyboard knob a green bar appears (indicating that it is receiving/sending the MIDI CC messages) but in the Omnisphere/VST track it doesn't, only appears with Mod Wheel and Pitch Bend.

So is there something I am missing, or Reason simply doesn't send MIDI CC to VSTs !? :|

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Post 04 Aug 2022

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