Any comments for NI FM8 for 12 bucks?

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Post 03 Sep 2022

joeyluck wrote:
05 Aug 2022
I tried this back when everybody was saying how much better it was than other FM synths, but it didn't really click with me. For $10, I might pick it up for the presets, but I may wait to see if the Plugin Boutique freebie changes by September 6. Not sure I'd use the Nugen Audio bundle.

[EDIT] Looks like the Nugen Audio Focus Elements Bundle offer will end August 31, so I guess there will be something different before the FM8 sale ends.
Bought the fm8 and not sure it was so wise... UI is very aged (even if working well) and I feel I will always go for zero hybrid (bit aged also but still far better) or Algoritm...

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Post 03 Sep 2022

MrFigg wrote:
03 Sep 2022
joeyluck wrote:
02 Sep 2022
I just picked up FM8.

I chose Huracan as the freebie (seems interesting).
It was either that or the Space reverb.

And turns out I had $5 virtual cash, so got only cost me $5 total :D
How much of it was GAS Joey?
Very little? 😂

FM8 is certainly something that interests me for this price and Huracan looks unique (haven't installed it yet). There's always a crazy sale as well as something free on PB with any purchase, yet I'm not always trying to find something to buy to get a freebie, so I guess that says I gave it some thought?

I was looking at the Komplete Classics bundle on sale for $49. That includes FM8, Massive, Absynth, and Replika. I had none of them.

I considered that, but that would've been more of a GAS purchase. FM8, while I know it won't be my go-to FM synth, is definitely worth the few dollars for the presets. I saw some Howard Scarr patches, and I'm a big fan.

Speaking of, is the FM8 browser awful or is it just me? I'm a bit confused how to navigate it. It starts with the folders and not being able to see presets unless viewing the sub folders. And then searching seems a little wonky and browsing by tags I haven't figured out. But I only played with it during the few moments I had free. I'll check it out more tomorrow.

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Post 03 Sep 2022

FM8, Massive and Absynth are all classics, insofar as any software synth can be a classic. They each defined whole subgenres.

I've always been curious to try Absynth too, although Nostromo could probably do a similar job.

I'm sure Massive has been outpaced by lots of synths that came since (that it probably inspired!), that we all have, so I'm not really interested in trying it.

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Post 03 Sep 2022

joeyluck wrote:
03 Sep 2022

Very little? 😂
Hahaha. I love that question mark. :)

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