BFD3 Losing CC Messages

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My host system is a Mac Mini running macOS 11.4, Big Sur.

When running BFD3 in standalone mode, my hi-hat pedal (which sends MIDI CC4) works normally -- the variable hi-hat hit functions as expected.

However, when BFD3 is operating as a VST plugin in Reason 10.4.1d4, BFD acts like it's not receiving the CC messages (the hi-hat sound doesn't respond to pedal position).

Is there some obvious or simple thing that could be stopping the CC messages from getting through to BFD3?

As a counterexample, if I load BFD3 as a VST plugin in Native Instruments' Komplete Kontrol, it works normally (the hi-hat pedal is responsive). This seems to point the Finger of Blame(TM) at Reason...

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