Most overrated and underrated VST developers (can list specific VSTs too)

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Post 31 Jul 2021

chaosroyale wrote:
31 Jul 2021
TB Equalizer 4: I just demo'd it, and you know what, it's great. For the price, it is a steal. Thanks for the recommendation!

However, it only has full dynamic functionality in VST3, so if you need a dynamic EQ, sadly you can't use this one in Reason.

I think Pro-Q still has the edge with its more adjustable visualizer and extra options, and the Toneboosters default UI setup gives you a very heavy-handed EQ without a detailed visualizer, so you have to spend time setting it all up. It looks like you can save a new default setting. The demo won't save, so I could not test it.

I stand by my description of Fabfilter as worth the price when you really don't want to compromise. However, I would say that the Toneboosters EQ-4 is a great alternative if you are on a budget. Also....I have to say it, but if this is the quality of a "budget" EQ in 2021, why are the Reason EQ and visualizers still so bad?
WarStar wrote:
31 Jul 2021

That EQ4 looks nice... And great price.. I've been wanting the FabFilter but damn that's some ducket$ lol

Thanks for the suggestion!!
totally agree--FF I'm sure takes the edge overall, but given the price differential, it sure as hell better! 😅 I'm just saying that for those additional features, which I'd rarely use (and in my case certainly don't need) the extra $120 or whatever isn't worth it--to me. as long as we're all happy with the tools we have, that's what really matters.

and as for the question about Reason's EQ visualization--man, I wish I knew...or maybe I don't. 🤔😆
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Post 31 Jul 2021

ok, I should not have made such a careless and oversimplified statement about EQ. I call out other people for stuff like that, and you are right to do it to me!

To clarify: There are some differences between EQs. However, almost all properly-designed EQ plugins and even DAW EQs can null perfectly at low to mid frequencies, but they will have a few (small) differences at higher frequencies. You may slightly prefer one or another. True enough. But we are talking tiny differences in the context of a mix. Normally when people say they like the "sound of an EQ", they are actually talking about nonlinearities such as saturation in a "vintage" style EQ, which is not present in clean EQs. fwiw The Reaper EQ, as far as I know, just uses the "RBJ cookbook" algos (like many less-expensive EQs). Fabfilter Pro-Q is actually more transparent.

As for my "emotional" statements about Waves, yes, I hate that company and their marketing. But you will notice I said nothing about the sound quality of their EQ. I just hate bundled bloatware.

ArcoZ wrote:
31 Jul 2021
I bet you never made massive private comparisons of software plugins. Your opinios are based on stereotypes. The cleanest and transparent eq is reaper eq constructed on pure simple mathematical scheme. And it's free. Try to compare those plugins and you will be stunned. BTW I hate ReaperEQ.
There is no perfect eq. There is no rule using eq.
You show emotional statements like "waves malware". Ridiculous! Tell it to Mr Scheps. Tell it to Mr. Maserati etc. They use Waves Malware everyday and they are best guys in the business on the planet. No Comments. Over.

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Post 02 Aug 2021

Omnisphere got to be number one overrated damn vst ever! I believe that company has burner accounts lying about how good it is. You can't demo the trash so you take a $500 hit. Unless you do EDM DON'T BUY IT!! Don't listen to any hip hop producers that don't show you them using it on Youtube!! Worst investment by far I've ever made. Can't demo it and can't sell it! Scam!! I will read all FAQ of software about transferring a license from now on. If they don't allow it and don't allow a demo I'm not buying it.

Does Spectrasonics allow license transfers/used sales?

The vast majority of sample libraries and sample-based virtual instruments on the market do not allow license transfers of any kind. However, at Spectrasonics we realize that there are certain circumstances where it can be a legitimate transaction. Because circumstances can vary so much, we only consider and grant license transfers on a case-by-case basis, and only for the original owner.

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Post 02 Aug 2021


Fabfilter - funky GUI, nothing under the hood

What does funky GUI and nothing under the hood mean?

Melda - hugely overpriced because of technical complexity but poor musical quality (free bundle is OK)

So the free sheit has better musical quality?? :lol:

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Post 04 Aug 2021

The free Melda stuff is fantastic, once you get used to the terrible UIs. Their ring mod and flanger are my favourites by a mile, and their Spectral Delay is brilliant too. I'm so bummed that they stopped supporting Mac OS

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Post 05 Aug 2021

Goriila Texas wrote:
02 Aug 2021

Fabfilter - funky GUI, nothing under the hood

What does funky GUI and nothing under the hood mean?

Melda - hugely overpriced because of technical complexity but poor musical quality (free bundle is OK)

So the free sheit has better musical quality?? :lol:
Fab filter - nothing special under the hood - that's what I really meant. And it's true. Just paying big money for big graphics and ordinary sound.
In Melda bundles there are many plugins. In free set you got mostly technical stuff noy based on (subjective feeling) musicality. Some of the expensive plugins are not worth the price, for instance MSpectralDynamics which in my opinion is ridiculous, especially when you have comparison to other tools alike.
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Post 05 Aug 2021

I think you are overrating yourself in every post in this topic.


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Post 06 Aug 2021

Overrated- Arturia software. It's the story of emulating everything half assed, painting it with a pretty face, and not doing anything really well at all for a lot of money. So many other Devs doing VA emulation right.

Underrated- Psychic Modulation. All of it. Sooooo fricking good.
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Post 06 Aug 2021

Overrated: everything - there's probably a free VST that's just as good, if not better

Underrated: everything - now go make some music! 🎤💧 (that's a mic drop for the uninitiated)

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Post 06 Aug 2021

avasopht wrote:
06 Aug 2021
Overrated: everything - there's probably a free VST that's just as good, if not better

Underrated: everything - now go make some music! 🎤💧 (that's a mic drop for the uninitiated)
That's about the most sensible advice I've read in this thread.

Every developer hypes their own product and they should but what you need to do is find tools for the job you want that you find easy to use and understand - you don't need 10 tools for 1 job you need 1 tool that does it well.

Trial Trial Trial buy what works for you and remember don't believe the hype.........
Update when it fixes a problem that you experience not just because it's an update/upgrade.....
VST 2.4 MIDI It's definitely on the list of todos
What MIDI tools are you itching to use

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Post 14 Sep 2021

chaosroyale wrote:
23 Jul 2021
Most over-rated:

Trash2 and Fabfilter Saturn (yes, fight me) ...why? - They sound absolutely fine but the saturation market is (pun intended) so there are much cheaper options available. Also their interfaces don't live up to the more recent interfaces from the same companies.
I'm trialing Saturn2 now, and loving using it and what it's doing for both my mixing and creative sound design. But I'm not loving the price!!

What I like so far with Saturn2;
- Tube style saturation for a more analog / vintage sound. (I'm all about 80s +/- 10 years, do not like contemporary sounds)
- How it seems to be able to bring out a lot of nice additional harmonics without sounding like a distortion effect (if that makes any sense. i.e. I can't seem to achieve the same with Scream or Softube Knob). Really nice in bringing out the sizzle on my old jx8p.
- Really seems to help me have sounds sit in the mix better, a lot of increased perceived loudness so I can pull the level back for more headroom.
- The super easy multiband flexibility
- The big UI for my older eyes!
- Dan Worrall's tutorial video! (He does for Fabfilter what Kenny Gioia does for Reaper)

There are a lot of features I don't think I'll need (?): Sidechaining, all the different modulation options, Envelope Follower (mainly cos I don't know what to do with it :) )

Would be keen for your views on alternative options I should consider! (or if you think my description sounds like I should stick with Saturn2)

(And as I'm asking for advice, some advice back to community, anyone using Reaper should *definitely* check out REEQ for a Fabfilter-like experience for free)

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Post 15 Sep 2021

I think all the Toneboosters Plug-ins are way underrated. Equalizer 4 is my goto surgical eq that even has dynamic functions. and its very cheap for 40€ and does all what i need and no need for PRO-Q 2 or 3
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Post 15 Sep 2021

::: 2CAudio Breeze Reverb - superbly covers short ambience through to lush expanses.

::: Mixed In Key Captain Plugin Suite.

::: UVI Shade - constantly used alongside FF Pro-Q when I want to create "animated" EQ FX.

::: HY Plugins - some gems in their catalogue.

::: SonicAcademy ANA2 - much more competent than people give it credit for.

::: Sonible SmartComp and EQ3. SmartComp compliments Wavesfactory Trackspacer for gluing/sidechaining kicks and bass together. Used in nearly all of my tracks.

::: Polyverse Gatekeeper - instantly add interest or help strip back a track layer when things are getting too busy.

::: D16 Punchbox - Although I use Kick 2 more, when I want something more characterful or leftfield, I boot up Punchbox.

::: Steinberg Backbone - Great tool for getting surgical on drum sounds. Especially love the way it can split an audio sample into its noise and tonal parts, allowing amazing sound designing.

::: Cytomic The Drop - one of the best sounding filters out there. Loads of models and modulation features.

::: Zynaptiq Intensity (etc.) - mostly because it just burns a hole in my CPU.
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