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Post 28 Jan 2021

Hi guys! I'm thrilled to introduce the WREMENA: the vintage textural and electric ghost guitar library for NI Kontakt. It is a recreation of the beautifully sounding handmade PRS guitar which was recorded with help of tubes and transformers, tape recorders, vintage and modern gears and rare soviet outboards. The appearance and the sound of this instrument were inspired by the aesthetics of Suprematism, the French New Wave and the mood of Antonioni's films.

It is quite unique and sufficiently warm instrument, that still has the familiar cozy sound. It has 5 articulations on the board with 5 textural sound design patches.

Reason played a major role in sound design process for this library. That's why I decided to make a post here :)

An intro price is €39 (going to €49 on February 10th)

More info: https://elementarysounds.com/wremena



  • 5 articulations - Sustains, Mutes, Harmonics, Matte Sustains, Random Octaves
  • 6 RR per note
  • Up to 5 velocity
  • The whole library was recorded via the beautiful tube preamps, the custom 1073' transistor style preamp, the Echoplex amp module, etc. The main sound was captured from the old tube Peavey combo amplifier that sounds as it should - bold, 'oldy' and warm.
  • Space and Echo were captured from the rare Soviet BBD Delay, the Moog spring reverb module and the old school Boss reverb pedal.
  • There're 4 'lines of sound' in your possession that you can control - 2 microphones lines, 1 pedalboard line and 1 direct line from the guitar to converters.
  • Ability to play not only in mono, but in stereo
  • Every patch has its own sound design 'brother' - the X slider. It accompanies the main sound in many interesting ways. Each X slider was made from the sounds of each specific patch. For example, the X slider’s sound inside the Sustain patch was made from the Sustain sound and so forth.
    Minimalistic interface
  • A lot of character, vibe and textures
  • 4.1 GB compressed files ( 7.5 GB original)
  • All samples recorded at 96 kHz. Distributed at 48 kHz
  • Full version of Kontakt 6.2.2

Any comments and questions are welcome ;)

Elementary Sounds
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Post 21 Feb 2021

Hi, everyone! Here's a free Random Notes patch for you. It wasn't presented in the main version of the library, it's completely new. It's a little bit similar to Random Octaves from the main version, but here when you press one note it plays the same note with different dynamics and tempo. Also you'll find there an absolutely new X patch to create which I used the guitar pedals from Hologram Electronics, tape based process and modular synth's. The whole patch is great for creating abstract textures. A bit later, in the first update of Wremena, I'll include it in the main version of the library for those who have already bought it. For those who didn't buy it, It would be a great opportunity to try a part of the library to get an idea of what it is.

More info: https://elementarysounds.com/wremena-free

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Post 21 Feb 2021

Have you considered making RE versions?

I don't have the full version of Kontakt, so I only purchase REs and libraries for Kontakt Player.

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