News I've Been Waiting For - PG-8X Is About To Go Open-Source

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Post 10 Jan 2021

Surge Team interested, possible MKS-70 update, new browser, macOS support - this is good news for a really good synth. I tried Roland Cloud's JP-8X in Zenology Pro and I prefer the sound and GUI of PG-8X.

From Martin, the dev: ... 5#p7998265

Hi All. First of all, Thanks to all who are using the plugin and in particular those who offered support to other users here in the forum.

Sorry that I completely disappeared from this forum for so long. A lot of things happened in the past years. I changed my job, moved back to Germany, got involved in (and for a time obsessed by) VCV Rack, and recently also have much more to do in my real-life job. Furthermore, I do not have an up-to-date Mac anymore to continue the Mac support. Due to all this, I now decided to release the code as open source, hoping that somebody will be able continue what I planned:

* proper port to IPlug2
* port to new Mac Silicon
* resizable GUI
* "doubling up" the plugin to create a 'MLS-70'. In fact, I bought a MKS-70 a few years back to work on that, but then never really got started...

I am currently going through some code cleaning and will open a new thread, once the code is public. I will try to help as much as I can, but definitely I need help from the community to push this through, in particular for anything Mac related.

For a possibly MLS-70 update, we also would need some more feedback from people who own an MKS-70, as mine seems to have some issues with the filter, and is most likely not typical for the sound.

Maybe, in an community effort, we can still pull it off, and get the PG-8X ready for another lease.

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Post 10 Jan 2021

Awesome. This is a great synth, I'm glad it won't just be abandoned.

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Post 10 Jan 2021

PG-8X is a great synth. I'll be using it while my 8P is in the shop! (needs a new display transformer).
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