Bass Master by LoopCloud, 3 bucks!

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Post 19 Nov 2020

You have to sign up for a LoopCloud sub and pay 3 bucks. Then you get BM for free.

They gave everyone BM who already were on a sub a few days ago. I never bothered to look at before, but this thing is REALLY good :shock: . They have spent some serious time to give you good bass tones, sampled from hw, with just the right FXs to dial in your own sound and make your own layered patches if you want. Then an "OTT" at the end of the FX chain.

I like that you cannot add your own samples, it will suck up time, and they have provided so much great variety to work with and do it fast. PiB sell more samples and patches at 50% off right now if you need more.
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Best of all, play 3 octaves higher and you have many killer lead sounds. Looks like my BF plugin shopping just ended... :lol: ... 19811b2f7e
10% off at Waves with link:
Disclaimer - I get 10% as well.

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Post 19 Nov 2020

Edit - apologies didn't read the OP completely

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Post 19 Nov 2020

Have been a member of loop cloud on and off and it’s great for delve into now and again... there is a plug-in so that loops will sync to your DAW project which is nifty.

Got an email a few days ago but didn’t bother with it... thanks for the heads up and I joined up again and received a code for Bass Master this morning.

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