Virtual CZ for $13

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Post 17 Nov 2020

Bought this because it's a classic that's cheaper than a cheap preset pack - just lost an hour messing with a filthy techno 2-bar loop.
I have no idea what else it can do yet, but I can tell you this:

It can techno.

Every envelope or knob you mess with does interesting things to the sound, even if I don't understand any of it yet. I just want to automate everything and stick an LFO on everything. I was using Live's LFO tool, but presumably you can use the looping MSEGs as LFOs within the device? Doesn't really matter if not.

What a great and interesting line of synthesizers Casio made!

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Post 18 Nov 2020

Update: you can use the looping MSEGs to some extent, but their destinations are fixed. There's no LFO, other than the one fixed to to vibrato. So it's up to you to use external modulators. Bit of an oversight, but still plenty of interesting sounds to be had.

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Post 19 Nov 2020

Got this.. thanks for the tip!

Also got Drumazon as part of the deal - but it crashes Reason (and everything else I've tried to load it into on this Big Sur Mac). It works fine on my Windows box. First issue I've had with Big Sur :)

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Post Yesterday

MrFigg wrote:
16 Nov 2020
Hej. It just got better. If you buy it you can get either D16group Drumazon, Eventude Quadravox, some other plugin or Reason Lite rack for free. Woohoo.
I grabbed Quadravox with my VirtualCZ... having a TR-8S means I don't need Drumazon. lol

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