iZotope Iris 2 issue

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Post 24 Jul 2020

I've recently found that when I try to play Iris 2 using the laptop qwerty keyboard, the notes get stuck

Like, play a C, then lift finger and play a D - the C keeps playing until I manually hit the key again to stop it. Once I've done this, the problem disappears - until I change some parameters on the synth, at which point the notes start sticking again

Any idea what the problem might be, e.g. whether it's a Reason issue or an Iris 2 issue? I'm on OS Catalina, which makes me think it might be a Reason issue because afaik iZotope have upgraded their plugins for this OS (and I've tried re-installing Iris 2, which didn't help)

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Post 24 Jul 2020

Just tested and I'm experiencing the same on Mojave with Reason 11. It will clear up if you click on and return focus to Reason's qwerty onscreen keyboard window though. It's a bit annoying.

Edit: The key sticking doesn't happen with the Iris 2 window retaining focus if the patch browsing window within Iris is open. After selecting a patch and closing this browser, key sticking will occur again unless Reason's keyboard window has focus.

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