The Latest Arturia Performance Update Fixes Lots of Things

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Post 26 Jun 2020

For the looooooongest time, the GUI on the instruments has been slow and laggy, which was so much of an annoyance to me that I hesitated to use them, but this update finally fixes that across all instruments. Update works even if you have V6. Some OBX-A presets have also been added to analog lab.

Their DX7 is still a CPU hog though - I don't get why they can't optimize this thing. Most of the time I use Dexed because of this.

Also, this has been known or a while, but Arturia are supposedly updating their older instruments like the JP8 and ARP to get them up to modern standards, so that's something to look forward to.

Curious to see what's coming in V8.

Release Notes:

* Faster preset changes: The time it takes to change presets has been dramatically cut. Find the perfect sound faster or instantly recall your favourite patches.
* Smaller patch installs: If you already have an instrument installed, any future patch update files will be much smaller. This makes Arturia Software Center updates easier and quicker to install.
* Custom resources path: All instrument resources can be moved to a folder of your choice. This is useful if you’re working with multiple drives/devices or limited internal storage.
* Various Bug fixes: V Collection 7.2 also addresses a number of other performance issues - it’s now simply more stable, efficient, and easy to use.
Improved graphic performance: All instruments in V Collection have had their animations and visuals streamlined. This provides a smoother appearance and ensures less strain on your CPU. |
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Post 27 Jun 2020

Thanks for the heads-up! Downloading now.

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