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Post 09 Apr 2020

[being a technical question, this may be in the wrong section? I couldn't see a techy help board so I have placed it here. If it is incorrect apologies in advance...]

Hi all....

I hope everyone is safe and well....

So, finally I can actually start to use my shiny new monitors etc, - it has all been packed away with nowhere to put it. I have been pulling it all out every now and then and having it all laid out on my bed, but obviously not very practical. My new studio desk arrives on Friday - awesome!

When I was producing music professionally I used Cubase, and did so for years - firstly on an Atari ST (remember them?) then a PC. However, just as plug-ins were starting to come about, I went to Thailand for 3 months and ended up staying abroad for 5 years - I just never came home. Now we have these wonderful DAW programmes, I really want to pick it up again (more hobby than professionally, but you never know!), so I started with Reason and stuck with it. As you know, up until relatively recently Reason was a closed deal - no plug-ins. But here we are now, able to use some wonderful VSTs that are out there. Well, I should be able to but being very new to the whole plug-in thing, I am struggling. And I don't know if I am being a numpty or something is wrong - probably the former...!

For some reason, about half or more of the plug-ins I pop into my VST folder don't show up in Reason when I boot it up, and I have absolutely no idea why. All I know about plug-ins is that you stick the .dll file in the appropriate folder and they should be working when I use Reason. I should add that many have worked, but it always seems that the one I really want to use doesn't work.

If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated - there are just so, so many (free!) VSTs out there that I really want to try!

Thanks in advance....David :)

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Post 09 Apr 2020


im not really a vst geek but i can tell you that reason only supports 64bit Vsts and only Vst 2. so you need some kind of vst bridge to use older 32bit plugins.

maybe thats part of your problem, but not all

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In Reason go to edit then preferences then advanced and on that page you can see if Reason is scanning the VST folder when starting up.. if not you can add it via browse

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