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Post 14 Feb 2020

I am sorry for throwing some of you into this rabbit hole, but I guess this can become an interesting thing.
KRETS is a modular environment that can be used in any DAW compatible with the AudioUnit or VST format.

The application is based on a set of modules that can be connected in different ways, where focus is on low level audio DSP processing. There are (almost) no ready-made effects to hook into an audio stream, the purpose is for the user to create these more or less from scratch.

By combining mathematical expressions and functions (available as modules) a plethora of audio effects can be created, anything from a compression algorithm to generative soundscapes.

When working with signal generators and complex signal paths, there is always risk for unintentional high level audio signals. It may very well damage your hearing if things go wrong. Make sure to turn down the volume if you're unsure about what an interaction may result in.

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Post 14 Feb 2020

I know its alpha...but its so uninspiring to look at it that i even dont want to download it...Hopefully Klevgrand give it a final touch when its finished.
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Post 14 Feb 2020

Looks like the next/another iteration of puredata (example). If it wants to get to become a contender to Reaktor it has quite a long way to go imho.
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