Kushview VST host now Open Source

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Post 31 Oct 2019

Kushview has become open source (used to be 75-$100). I've seen the developer is asking for support (money) to continue to develop.
It can host VST3 and route midi - quite useful for reason users until RS can bother to provide these fundamental features (in not too long I hope). It can serve as a Combinator sort of and save setups.

I have yet to try it to see how easy it is to work with.

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Post 31 Oct 2019

I own it and have used it for some time. I have recently abandoned it in favor of Blue Cat's Patchwork on my Mac since Patchwork will retain Pod Farm patches when hosting Pod Farm 2.59, and Kushview did not. When I opened old songs that used Pod Farm inside of Kushview, I had to reload the Pod Farm patches as well.

Great app and glad to see it getting new life on the open source front, but check your own devices inside it to see how patch retention on save and re-open works.

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