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Loque wrote:
13 Feb 2020
moneykube wrote:
13 Feb 2020
unfamiliar with the AAS Player + it's Sound Packs... any good?
Its the Player from AAS like the Arturia Player. You just need some Sound Packs for it. Dunno if there are some available right out of the box. But you can freely pick the sound packs. Under the hood (depending on the packs) are the synths from AAS.
I just bought Wiggles and it runs and sounds great in Reason... however AAS player is pretty lame and much worse than using other player VSTs like Kontakt or Synthmaster player cause at least those let you edit some parameters. Though I have full versions of Synthmaster and Synthmaster One so that's kind of irrelevant to me. AAS Player is just a rompler to the worst degree (worse than my old Proteus/1 sound module cause even than has a few parameters to edit and that thing came out in 1989).

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