JRRshop Group Buy question.

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Post 16 Aug 2019

Edit: I solved this but am leaving the post up in case anyone missed this deal.

Just saw that JRRshop has a Group Buy deal on IK multimedia plug-ins. Up to 7 plug-ins for the price of one.


I just got recommended their Leslie VST in another thread. Anyway...the question is...further down the page on the link I posted it says this:

"How the Group Buy works
Buy 1 Get 2 Free*
Buy 1 Get 3 Free* when 250 registrations are reached - first goal reached!
Buy 1 Get 4 Free* when 500 registrations are reached - second goal reached!
Buy 1 Get 5 Free* when 750 registrations are reached - third goal reached!
Buy 1 Get 6 Free* when 1,000 registrations are reached - fourth goal reached!"

Now...does that mean that the "all goals have been reached" or that "once the goal is reached then..."
Could anyone with any experience of Group Buys on JRRshop advise me. It seems like a totally great deal. Thanks

Edit: ok I’ve just confirmed that tier 4 has been reached. Ie. 7 for the price of one.

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Post 02 Sep 2019

How many of you are the 71 flinching to get that 8th freebie and then join again?

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Post 04 Sep 2019

ATM the Group Buy from IK multimedia has reached 9 for the price of 1.

Few hundreds to the next level 10 for 1 and still many days.

Here is the original page with the counters:


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Post 04 Sep 2019

I have the Stealth limiter - and it is amazing. The White LA2 is my go to for vocals too. Both are special - I recommend them. I have a few more of theirs and the ones I have work well (I like the multiband comp too with visual feedback). The Brickwall limiter has meh reviews.
If you don't have a clipper - you may want to check theirs out.
10% off at Waves with link: https://www.waves.com/r/6gh2b0
Disclaimer - I get 10% as well.

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Post 07 Sep 2019

I just deleted these two questions as I found the answers in the Ik multimedia FAQ. Leaving the questions up wouldn’t have helped anybody more than the FAQ hence the deletion. Thanks.

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