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Post 11 Aug 2019

I bought a "Reverse" plugin which was on sale for $10 but I had some virtual cash that brought it down to $0.36. :lol:
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Post 12 Aug 2019

They discussed Iris 2 and the Plugin Boutique deal on Sonic Talk this week. And they remind viewers of its history in which the idea was sparked during conversation on an episode of Sonic Talk and became a collaboration between iZotope and Dave Spiers / GForce, which was briefly touched on in our interview with Dave. They make great arguments for picking it up, and some speculation as to whether it means Iris 3 or not...

And here's an article from keyboard mag, The Birth of iZotope Iris

@ 31min 24sec:

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Post 15 Aug 2019

It is a good deal. Don't think twice.

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Post 15 Aug 2019

EDIT: Solved

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Post 11 Nov 2019

I have spent most of the night and a bit of this morning with this thing and have an idea:
(1) replace all of the samples in the current patch library with your own favourite fx samples ( mine would be burghrecords,glitchmachines and 99sounds freebies )
(2) export the result of each new patch as a wav and use the output as a new source inside of grain.

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