Inphonik releases RYM2612 as VST/AU/AAX

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Boombastix wrote:
31 Jul 2019
Can you please clarify if the PCM channel has uLaw compression (or similar bit compression) or not? And if you are able to pitch shift the sound in between uLaw coding and uLaw de-coding? (i.e. like real old hw, but streaming in this case).
If my question is heading in the wrong direction, then help me out by explaining if/how the PCM channel can do that Linn/Mirage (Sega too I guess), pitch shifted, bit compressed, sound. Thanks!
No µLaw here. The PCM feature of the YM2612 was just a raw 8-bit wide register that replaced the value of the FM accumulator for channel 6. So the YM2612 wasn't doing anything to your sound. It's just 8-bit, and that's audible. Frequency was often arbitrarily fixed (depending on the game needs and available ROM space). However, to update the DAC value of the PCM feature, coders had to manage the timing in software. No hardware facility (like interrupts or DMA) for this. Eventually, as the Sega Genesis had two microprocessors (68000 and Z80), the Z80 was very often programmed to manage the YM2612 (thus PCM playback).

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inphonik wrote:
31 Jul 2019
diminished wrote:
30 Jul 2019
Also there is a drum track in the following file: ... l-guardian - YM6 to be precise - and if I load the exported *.repatch from a folder via Reason browser into RYM, it doesn't sound like snare, kick or hihat at all. I've tried the whole octave range. Why is that?
The 6th channel on the YM2612 is the only one that has 8-bit PCM playback capability. But, as its name implies, this is not FM. When channel 6 is in PCM mode, its FM output is replaced by the output of the DAC. At the moment, RYMCast only extracts settings from FM registers. So even though it'll not stop you doing drag'n'drop from channel 6 (since it may actually be used as a regular FM channel), if channel 6 is only used for PCM samples, then the extracted patch will be empty or may even contain garbage settings.
Gonna bump this thread but is there some way to get these sounds from YM6 otherwise? Asides recording and chopping samples

Also what are the SN tracks?

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