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Post 03 Dec 2019

selig wrote:
02 Dec 2019
dusan.cani wrote:
02 Dec 2019
If you haven't noticed there is 1.1 update out several weeks ago...animated envelopes and new themes. That white theme perfectly suits the actual winter time.

Here I found drum and bass soundpack for MX, I recommend to listen the audio demo:

But beware ! This fantastic synth is far from producing only D&B or dubstep stuff...
This update is welcome, but what I didn't realize was that the envelope "animations" are just that - unlike other synths with visual envelops, you cannot interact with these. They are "display only". Not sure why such limitations are imposed on this synth, but it's still a wonderful instrument. Maybe I'm getting lazy in my old age, since when I started the only thing "visual" about an envelope was the position of the knobs/sliders!!! ;)
Hey, beats menu hopping in a 1U rack synth from the 90's :ugeek:
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So in short(from the information i got thru this thread), its a great synth
Static envelopes and lfo images
You can't see what the modulation is doing.
No custom wavetables.
Only one filter.
Seems unfinished...and rushed
The sounds aren't really what you can't get with other similar synths.
It need some avx jargony instruction set to even install, which means new computers only...which means more spending for a lot of users...
Its unfinished but we will sell it to you right now, and keep updating and tell you that it'll grow with you at no extra cost...
Its a lot more expensive...
But there are themes...hooray ?
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