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Post 29 Aug 2019

Breach The Sky wrote:
29 Aug 2019
Imo, it's a bit of an a-hole move to impose mandatory authorization for future upgrades, when you bought the product knowing that it -didn't- have such systems. Now, I don't hate authorization apps by principle, but there certainly are those that do. Sucks for them.. :|
I echo your sentiments 100%
Have no problems with a hardware dongle but please - not one that sucks.
What's weird with this deal is that when Manuel mentioned in the KVR thread on Avenger https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopi ... start=9765 buried back many pages that they were going to go to the new authorization system with Avenger 2.0 and that 1.5 would still be with their current system and now that got changed. There's so much neat stuff supposed to be coming in Avenger 1.5 I was all hot to jump on it when it dropped but now unless things change (and given how stubborn Manuel is) my current Avenger install will be the end of the line for that synth as regards upgrades/updates.
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