Note/Midi controlled bandpass filters ?

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Post 18 Feb 2019

Is there such a thing as a note /midi controlled band pass filter ?
What i mean by that is if i input audio and pressed G2 on the keboard the filter would only allow through the frequencies associated with or around G2 ? Or inversely cut out the G2.
I googled note based VST and playable filter but cant find anything.
I've considered constructing a massive combinator with multiple band pass filters tuned to different frequencies but its seems like the kind of thing somebody clever might have already made in software.

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Post 18 Feb 2019

You could try using "Neptune Pitch Adjuster" CV Pitch output and connect it to a filter's CV frequency input.
I did a quick test, feeding Neptune certain frequencies and controlling a filter with its CV pitch output - then verified the filtering with white noise from Thor through the filter.

Edit - like this: MIDI Note In -> Subtractor Sine Wave -> Neptune -> Pitch CV out -> Filter Frequency CV in
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Post 18 Feb 2019

(misread the question sorry)

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