Waves Renaissance Bass vs Bass Enhancer RE

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Post 07 Feb 2019

I already have Bass Enhancer from Red Rock in my RE subscription. However, Rennaissance Bass from Waves is 29$ on sale. Would the difference be noticeable? Is Ren Bass worth it?

Also, Bass Rider is on sale. It just keeps bass levels in check without a compressor. Curious if you have thoughts on that too.
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Post 07 Feb 2019

Bass Rider is useful, but it hasn't blown me away. caveat though, that I've only really needed something like it on one track so far, so I still have yet to really put it through its paces.

also, it adds a ton of latency, so keep that in mind if you were planning on monitoring with it on--it comes with a lower-latency/lower quality version in case you need to do that, but I wouldn't use something like Bass Rider live, and have no idea what sort of quality difference there is between the two.

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Post 07 Feb 2019

All Waves plugins are 50% off today, with the code TODAY50.

Ren Bass, for example, drops down to this, @everyplugin:

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 11.24.47 AM.png
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Post 07 Feb 2019

For me, Ren Bass is one of the essential Waves classics ... other than that, you should also checkVoxengo LFMaxPunch - a bit more expensive, though.


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Post 07 Feb 2019

If you're going down the Waves route here (and I would, Red Rock Sound make some great REs but Bass Enhancer isn't one of them), then try MaxxBass. As far as I'm aware it does the same thing as Renaissance Bass but with a bit more flexibility and control

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Post 09 Feb 2019

You even can do the same thing what Waves RBass does only with Reason devices. RBass just adds a specific amount of filtered saturation on a specific frequency to the audio signal to add some more overtones which makes the bass sounding fuller or more powerful. You can do the same with Scream4 and the ECF-42 Filter. This technique also is used to provide, that the bass will be reproduced better on not so good systems with a less bass range e.g. old radios, mini mp3 speakers etc.

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