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Post 10 Jun 2017

What would be the most practical way of creating Refills with VSTs? With so many VIs now available to use in Reason, if one were to create Refills for, say, Combinator, for others to buy/download, what's the best way to do things so people can use them?

My thoughts are 1)Use VST versions of VIs that many would either already have or can easily get (ie, Nexus 2, Serum, Dune 2 etc), or free ones, and tell potential users which VST VI's they need to download and from where. 2)Same for any fx VSTs used in creating a Combinator patch: either use popular ones (ie Waves, IKM, etc) or freebies.

What other considerations might there be?

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Post 10 Jun 2017

My research is inconclusive at the moment, but I am currently believing that there may be incompatibilities in the VST container between Mac and PC. I think it'd probably take someone saving off a combi or vst patch with a common VST in both formats and checking.

I've been noticing that the Remote Infos I've been collecting (see the link in my sig below) the PC ones tend to have 'x64' added to the VST names and the Mac ones don't.

But anyhow, that's my main concern as far as VST refills; cross platform compatibility. Also I haven't tested the refill packer with any VST containers, but I'd imagine it handles those like it would a RE.
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Post 10 Jun 2017

Not sure how financially viable that would be as one would concentrate on people who own and use both Reason and the VST(s) in question... Might be better to create patches that then all users of that VST could use (and buy)...


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