Amplitube Wah Pedal Setup

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Post 29 May 2017

Reason-VST Amplitube Wah setup (free wah inside free Custom Shop amps and effects).

Here's what I did to get my usb/midi footpedal working with a wah inside Amplitube (I installed my stand-alone pedal into Control Surfaces using Midi Expression):

Open an Audio Track. Click on Insert Effects.
Drag the Amplitube VST inside Insert Effects.
Click on Show Programmer. Right click on Rotary 1.
Click Edit Remote Override Mapping. Move your pedal and click OK.
In the Modulation Routing window, highlight the Device (say Amplitube 3 or 4), set the Target for Group1> Rotary 1 as Param 1.
Click Open in the VST rack device. In the Amplitube window, find and right click on the Wah pedal.
Click on Assign Automation, then on Wah, then on Param 1. It should be working now.

Turn off or bypass all other Amplitube devices if you want to use the wah only. Adjust the Threshold on the Amplitube Noise Gate.
Don't forget to right click on Rotary 1 in the programmer and on Edit Automation to record the wah movement along with the audio.

[only problem I sometimes have is when changing things inside Amplitube in the song after setting this up, the automation sometimes doesn’t work, even after recording the automation lane. If returning to the beginning of the song to restart the automation lane doesn’t work, I Save the Reason file, shut down the song and re-open it, then the automation/pedal magically comes back]

Oops, correction: You can use the Remote and Automate buttons across the top of the VST device window instead of the Show Parameter window to get the setup done. One step easier.

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