Reason 8 was TOP 10 Music DAW, NOW with VST and Delay Compensation, What will be the Rank?

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Post 01 May 2017

In my opinion, as Music Production Host, Reason 9.5 will be Top 3. As General DAW Top 6.

I am hearing that many music producers are planning going back to Reason after this news.

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Post 01 May 2017

TOP 10 i guess.

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Post 01 May 2017

Let me see....uhm...any number except for.....1 ?
My opinion is that Propellerhead REASON needs a complete rewrite!
P.S: people should stop saying "No it won't happen" when referring to a complete rewrite of REASON. I have 3 letters for ya....VST
Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:53 pm

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Post 01 May 2017

Whose ranking system is being used? Our own?

I've used just about every major DAW. I started out with Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 and had a few different version through Sonar. I tried Cubase for a while. I absolutely hated Pro Tools. I tried Mackie Tracktion, Ableton Live, Reaper and probably a few others. The system I stuck with the longest was Cool Edit Pro, later called Adobe Audition, combined with Fruity Loops for making drum tracks. The common dislike I had for all of them was the lack of quality effects/routing. Tracking down VSTs that I liked sucked bad enough, then keeping up with the latest versions..screw all that. So much crappy software out there.

In my opinion Reason is easily #1. Reason is by far the most fun to use of all of them. It's so easy to just get started working as soon as you open 'er up. The workflow and the implementation of effects in the form of rack units complete with cabling is just perfect. When Reason FINALLY got audio recording, I switched without hesitation. I haven't worried about VSTs ever since. Now that VST is a choice rather than a necessity, I might start keeping my eyes out. But until then, I'm pretty content already.

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