Poll - If you could buy a VST in the propellerhead shop, what features would be most important?

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Poll - If you could buy a VST in the propellerhead shop, what features would be most important?

I don't care. I buy everything that appears in the prop shop. EVERYTHING. #REASONFOREVER
It would need to be slightly cheaper since I can't use it outside of Reason.
License management (syncing) needs to be just like any other RE.
I need to be able to sell or transfer the license if I decide later that I don't want it.
I'd be willing to pay a slight markup as long as I get the syncing, license management, resellability, free uprades etc.
I want the standard 30 day free trial just like any other RE.
I'll never buy a VST.
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I should get the Prop Shop VST for free if I have already bought the VST.
I'm so upset that Propellerheads is allowing VSTs that I am abandoning music and joining the circus.
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Total votes: 69
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Post 30 Apr 2017

Imagine somehow Propellerheads could cut some deals with some VST makers to get their products in the shop. Props could get a small cut of the sale, and the VST maker would get the peace of mind knowing how piracy-proof the Reason environment is. Perhaps some arrangement could be made that satisfies Propellerheads, the VST maker and the customers. What potential demands would you have as a customer?

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Post 30 Apr 2017

RE support.

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Post 30 Apr 2017

Problem is this would never benefit VST developets. They get less money from purchases from the prop shop than they do from their own site and it does nothing to stop piracy....as someone could still just gank it and use it. In addition, most VSTs already have piracy prevention coded into it...meaning they would have to change code to make it work with the prop shop...that spending more money to make less money.

VST are DAW agnostic. What your basically suggestion is that VSTs be redesigned to work within Prop's system. They're better off just posting to RE as the as the SDK matures.
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Post 30 Apr 2017

How does places like "pluginboutique" work exactly? The prices seem to be slightly more expensive compared to buying directly from developers. That's the case for U-he Satin at least. Probably to offset the cut that pluginboutique take for hosting the store?

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Post 01 May 2017

This is great that we have this poll. I am tired of managing all of my VST licenses. After updating my computer, Remembering login IDs and Passwords for all the different manufactures can be annoying when I just want to sit down and use the software.

I would pay a slightly higher cost to fully manage my products through one portal vs 20+. I'm not saying the licensing schemes used by the different companies are bad it's just nice to have a one stop shop for everything. It's the Props fault for getting me spoiled with the ability to install/download all my RE/Refills...Set it and forget it.

Trialing VST instruments.....Well unless they allow you to trial a version with a scaled down sound library selection the sheer size of some VST instruments will eat up users internet data caps. Since VSTs usually cost more without the option to trial you generally spend a lot of time doing research on the product before buying it. Some VST's allow you to trial but not all do. Again I have been spoiled by the Props with the Trial RE function.

At minimum it would be nice to have a VST developers site links from the Propellerhead shop. I like searching and discovering all types of new stuff on the web but I usually start everyday with going to the Prop shop to see new stuff and through out the week check for emails from the various VST developers.
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Post 01 May 2017

Well Propellerhead do have the patent on forward compatible plugin delivery services.

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This sums things up tonight:

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