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Post 30 Apr 2017

For all the people asking about specific VST's and how are they behaving inside Reason, I would like to share my experiences.
I own SonicCharge, Native Instruments, U-He, iZotope, Audio Damage, V-plugs, Voxengo, Waves and UAD stuff and a few less known but cool vst's that are still around.
Reason doesn't care which plugin is inserted. It behaves pretty much as any other vst host.
I can also detect the same "bugs" or behavior with plugins that I noticed in other DAW's too.
Bugs in Reason are present and I'm guessing with the final Release they'll be gone.
Loading a plugin into the rack is fast and very elegant. Implemented very smart. It looks nice and the sound is exactly as I was expecting it to be from a known vst I worked with before.
When you have the plugin opened in a floating window you can pin it to the screen so you don't loose it and as of that point experience of tweaking, connecting and playing is really the same as with other Re's.
Hopefully you'll be able to try it out for your self soon.
So, in short, as with any beta, there are all sort of crazy "bugs" and behaviors and I'm sure programmers are working their asses off, but don't see a Reason not to be able to have it in a tip top shape for the final release.
I still think developing Re's is a good business and like I wrote earlier, the only thing I hate is the fact I cannot sell them or exchange it with somebody or something like that. But I'm also pretty sure I'll run over my words very soon and buy Parsec, because there's nothing slicker and more hansom out there.
As long as Re developers continue to develop unique devices, I see Vst's support like a welcome expansion of already a great daw.
Even if it's not the most popular daw out there, no one can deny the fact that it's the most unique one.

Congratulations on that.


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Post 30 Apr 2017

Can you tell, if the white bar on top of the VST window changes his color to dark, when you change the theme?

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Post 30 Apr 2017

I'm terribly sorry, but please respect the wishes of both us here at ReasonTalk, but especially Propellerhead, who specifically stated that you should keep bugs and user experience based on logging builds from the public boards. There's a dedicated forum for beta testers.

People will simply have to wait until they either get let in on the beta or for a little less than a month for 9.5 to be released.
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