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Post 16 Sep 2020

MGB wrote:
16 Sep 2020
Awesome - thanks for running the test! Still unsure whether I'll take the plunge or hold out for a while longer and hope the full bundle is dropped in black friday madness. cheers!

MattLeschuck wrote:
16 Sep 2020

I just tested a few of the plugins in the rack and the automation all worked fine for me (echoboy jr, pan man, decapitator). There is one catch however. It doesn't assign names to the automation. I could see this being a bit annoying if you have a lot going on.Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 4.31.35 PM.png
One thing to keep in mind is Soundtoys offers trade ins as well (or they at least use to). So if you have collection of their plugins but want the rest later you can trade in what you got for the bundle. I had about 5 of the little plugins, thats it (got them all free when they had the temporary free offers for them). They did a trade in for me at $150 for the full collection. So I gave up the little plugins licenses to get everything (which gave me all those little plugins again). Echoboy alone is worth $99 IMO :).

If i remember correctly you can log into your account and there will be an automatic trade in difference for the full the bundle.

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