BF 2019 - So What Did You Get And How Much Did You Spend?

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Post 06 Dec 2019

I started trialling Jiggery Pokery's Wah, using it as a general use filter rather than a guitar FX wah, but I missed the sale cut-off :(

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Post 07 Dec 2019

Studio one 4 upgrade and R11 upgrade, total a round 140 euro, im happy :puf_smile:

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Tomohiro Kikuti
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Post 07 Dec 2019

I've been worried for a long time.
But finally I bought Sunder Amplitube Splitter.

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Post 07 Dec 2019

I bought Selig De-Esser for € 29,= :D Oh sorry it is no VST.......LOL
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Post 07 Dec 2019

Aye well...add Trash 2 to my list. Love it.

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Post 09 Dec 2019

I spent more than I thought initially:

- Glitchmachines Palindrome, Cataract, Quadrant, Metaphor, Dialect, Biomorph, Syndrome and Vimana
- Orange Tree Evolution Mandolin
- UVI Nagoya Harp - so far my best purchase this BF

I think it was around 180 Euros all together.

...additionally I got Kagamine Rin/Len Voicebank over Crypton with Piapro Studio, but I don't count this as a BF purchase as it wasn't on sale at all.

this time no REs or upgrades
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Post 09 Dec 2019

I didn't get much software this time because i got the Izotope music production suite some months ago. So i was searching for a small upgrade fee for that or Ozone 9 but it didn't happen.

I bought Ample Sound Ukulele. Great sound, really fun, and already made 2 songs with i in a couple of days.

I spent some money on other stuff for the studio, more hardware related. I got this channel distributor to get mics and headphones to my second room (vocal booth):


I got a nice price on the Beyerdinamic DT 990:


I also got some digital cables and clock cables for amp/AD/interconnection.

And i bought some furniture for the studio... :)

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Post 10 Dec 2019

No REs
$4.99 for Roxsyn Guitar Synth on iOS

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Post 10 Dec 2019

Bought a bit more than planned :shock: :puf_bigsmile:

Rack Extensions
Tape Cassette Deck
Neptune Electric Guitar

Sensual Sax
Shire Whistle
Chapman Trumpet
Joshua Bell Violin :thumbup: Have a look at the video on their homepage.
ISS Bundle

Native Instruments

Spitfire Audio
Epic Strings

Synapse Audio
Upgrade Dune 3

Impact Soundworks
Ventus Duduk
Pedal Steel

The New Forgotten Voices: Barbary Solo Vocals
Free Angels

Sound Experience - JP6K

Reveal Sound
some Presets for Spire

Mastering The Mix

This should be all of the music related stuff - roundabout 800€.
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Post 19 Dec 2019

So far it seems like all these holiday gifts are topping black friday.

So far we've been gifted (that I know of):

Waves Berzerk (technically given away on BF)
Izotope Imager V2
IK Black 76
NI Raum
Arturia Plate 140
Acustica Audio Celestial

Pretty freaking good. |
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Post 19 Dec 2019

And InSession Audio also gave today two free expansions for taiko creator for christmas, nice...

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