glitchy UI after 9.5.4 update (macOS)

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hello all;

i want to know if anybody else has experienced the same (or similar) symptoms after the 9.5.4 update:

lagginess and stuttering when scrolling through the instrument rack, both during playback and at idle
lagginess and stuttering when panning the timeline/sequencer, during playback only

these were working flawlessly for me pre-update. and i'm not running any additional software or interfaces (aside from Parsec rack extension).

late 2013 mac pro
2.7ghz 12core
64gb ram
using two 27" thunderbolt displays, but they're driven by dual d700 6GB gpus, and again it was fine before update.
tested with both built-in audio and FocusRite Scarlett 2i2.

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