I made a Reason VST scan error (Reason crashes at start)

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Post 23 Oct 2018

I've inadvertently got Reason to scan my whole C drive looking for plug-ins by accident and now it won't start up without crashing. Is there any way I can't stop Reason from not starting due to my error?

I've been trying to sort out the issue via uninstalling and installing but still there, it's almost like Reason has this "scan the whole C drive for VST" hunger.

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Post 24 Oct 2018

you would think there would be a way... reinstalling should have worked imo,,, sounds like your stuck in an endless loop


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Post 25 Oct 2018

What OS are you using? If it's Windows try deleting a file called 'Reason Plugin Folders.prf'. In Windows 7 it's located at: C:\Users\--\AppData\Roaming\Propellerhead Software\Reason (Where the -- is your computer name of course). The file will be recreated, you'll have to tell Reason where to scan for the plugins again.

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