Physical non musical Keyboard and trackpad failure

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ok so the deal is..... and this seems to be a one off.....While in a open project on my mac eventually my physical keyboard that I am typing this on will completely fail.....the track pad will also fail... they will both go unresponsive.In order to regain a working keyboard and trackpad I have to force shutdown the computer and wait apron 2 minutes before I turn it back on...If I don't wait long enough they still will not work upon turning it back on. I am convinced its Reason. Let me explain why I have come to this conclusion. I replaced my keyboard, trackpad, battery, and YES it still happens......I purchased another computer this time a PC, an ASUS ROG 2016 gaming edition this thing is a beast..... I installed Reason. I opened up a fresh new project (nothing from the mac totally new) and within 15 minutes, BOOM unresponsive keyboard and track pad. I uninstalled Reason from the PC and I no longer have that issue on the PC. I contacted Propellerheads and of course they have never heard of this issue and suggested I check power saving settings and well I have everything wide open! Any ideas here would be GREATLY appreciated! I am tired of constant restarts while trying to work.

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