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Post 28 Sep 2018

Hi All,

Just something I continuously experience with the new version of Reason, Reason 10.2.
When I use the new feature of Route Outputs to new Mix Channel the new Mix Channel while viewed in the Mixer Window is always yellow and the colour can not be change, though the colour of the Mix Channel in the rack and sequencer changes fine while it stays yellow in the Mixer Window.
Anyone else experiencing this?

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Post 28 Sep 2018

If you cannot change the color at all, it seem to be a bug. Report it to PH.
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Post 28 Sep 2018

I think the separate out channels colour is inherited from the colour of the main out of the device.
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Post 28 Sep 2018

tiker01 wrote:
28 Sep 2018
I think the separate out channels colour is inherited from the colour of the main out of the device.
Yes, at first I thought the same (child objects and so on...) but then I did re-read the OP and the colors are different in rack and mixer right after creation - and that's odd.

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Post 28 Sep 2018

It also happen when connecting audio cables with the mouse.

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Post 01 Oct 2018

Yeah this has been a bug for a while. I think the trick is the order in which you colour the devices. If you connect mix channels while the device is yellow, then change the source devices to red, the mix channels aren't properly updated. If you disconnect and reconnect them I think that will re-establish the colour link. But it is most certainly a bug, and a long standing one! Time to submit a report :)


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