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Mr. Watts
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Post 27 Sep 2018

Noticing a strange bug on Reason 10.2 when trying to drag and drop devices from the device window on the left onto the rack while a vst is pinned or "kept open" in the bottom left corner of screen. When a vst isn't pinned I am able to just drag and drop a device wherever on the rack with no issues of Reason identifying the location as being a valid location to drop a device. However when a vst is pinned, it makes it so that I am unable to drag and drop a device anywhere in the rack. Not really a super urgent issue but it definitely is annoying because I am not having close any vst that may be open before I can accurately drag and drop a device into the Rack. Running on Windows 10. Thanks

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Post 27 Sep 2018

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Post 28 Sep 2018

I've reported this bug when testing the 9.5 beta that added the VST support but nothing changed since.
It doesnt happen only when you pin the window, it also happens (at least in Windows) when you minimize the window and try a drag and drop and it is actually related on how much of the rack is covered by the window before minimize.
Submit it as a bug maybe you will have better luck

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