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Post 11 Apr 2018

Hi everyone, I'm having an issue on reason 10 (I didn't find a topic about reason 10 issue so i'm posting here).

My song is composed of many audio tracks for recorded external devices and only one track for a NNXT with a piano patch.
When i'm listening directly from my computer, the sound is ok
When I plug in my external sound card (USB) and listen with headphones, sound is ok. (I actually don't have the cables necessary to plug the monitors directly on the soundcard).
But when i send the sound from my external soundcard to my external mixer (with jack stereo) to listen with my monitors the piano part become very loud and i have to put the volume down up to -40dB to have a normal volume.
I know i need to improve my mixing/mastering skills but this is the first time I have a big problem like this.
I tried to bounce and normalize but it didn't change.

Because of this, mixing is almost impossible because when I have a good mixing on a system, on the other one the audio tracks will be good but the piano part will be outloud (or the opposite, piano normal and very low audio tracks).

Anyone has an idea on why there is so much difference between listening from the soundcard or from soundcard+external mixer ?

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Post 17 Apr 2018

Are you still only sending one signal (combined sound of audio recordings and NNXT) to your external mixer, or are you somehow routing tracks individually to different mixer inputs? Have you tried it with other patches (a guitar or synth, instead of a piano) or with a completely different instrument, like Thor or Subtractor.

I don't think this has anything to do with mixing, if you need to reduce the volume by -40dB to get it sound correctly.
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Post 17 Apr 2018

acidj wrote:
11 Apr 2018
But when i send the sound from my external soundcard to my external mixer (with jack stereo)
What exactly is "Jack Stereo", and exactly how are you patching (what type of cable and how many) from the sound card (what sound card do you use?) into the mixer (what inputs do you use?).
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